5 Ways How Enterprises Can Successfully Act Like a Startup – My recommendations

Debo Olaosebikan @dolaoseb describes 5 Core Principles in his blog post “Big Winners Start Small

  1. Understand what users desperately want
  2. Test your understanding with cheap experiments
  3. Measure what’s important
  4. Build as little as possible
  5. Move fast and iterate

And a Roadmap to Go from Big to Small

  1. Create Small Projects
  2. Form Small Teams
  3. Differentiate between Product Management and Project Management
  4. Leverage Existing Technologies and Tools
  5. Nurture Entrepreneurial Teams

My comments

I like the roadmap, and in my experience for this change to work, you need to change the organizational constraints around “Projects” which include funding of them.
For me, that means I would start with “0.a Remove Legacy Management Practices” and then “0.b Differentiate between Product Management and Project Management

At the end it would look like the following.


  1. Work with Management: What is hindering the value stream?
    1. What legacy management practice is hindering your employees?
    2. Where do we create value? Where are we just busy?
  2. Work with Management: How does money flow?
    1. What do we incentivize?
    2. Where is our focus and what do we measure?
      Internal metrics or external customer-centric metrics?
    3. What are Projects? What are Products?
  3. Work with 1 Team: How can we make it work in the small?
    1. Create 1 Small Team with external customer access
    2. Establish Trust in your organization
      I wrote a german article about: Why the management doesn’t trust the development teams.
  4. Work with multiple Teams: How can we scale this approach?
    1. What is the common goal and vision?
    2. What is the network of supporting people for the teams?
    3. Nurture Entrepreneurial Innovative Teams

And remember:

Kanban and Scrum don’t matter.
Your process doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you have a process to improve your process.

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