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Machines Code People

The collection “Machines, Code, People” is a wonderful summary of what I have often experienced myself and what is really important in everyday project work. People, Code, and machines together build a solution. Knowing the technologies is crucial. And to bring about real innovation, it is equally important to have the right people on board, to build up a great team and to really understand the needs of the customer.
This impressive collection was created as a joint effort within the Zühlke Group across all areas and it makes me extremely proud that so many authors have contributed so actively and with so much passion.

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Agile Short Stories

Stories convey more than just knowledge and experience. They touch, inspire, create closeness and a feeling for other people. Stories bring us into conversation with each other: they show something of ourselves that is important to us. They are a help for people in similar situations. They are the offer to learn from each other.
A collaboration project with friends from Germany and more countries.

Amazon Link to”Agile Short Stories: 45 Autorinnen und Autoren erzählen ihre Geschichte – Alle mit einer Mission: Agile

Use Scrum + Continuous Delivery to build the right thing

scrum.org Whitepaper

How often do you release your product to your end-users?
How often do your end-users see and use your product?
Do you release in sync with your Sprint length, after the Sprint Review?
Is the Sprint Review meeting the only valid release point?
When do you plan your releases?
Learn how the cadence of Scrum and Continuous Delivery can help you build the right thing, and when implemented properly, release it on time to ultimately deliver superior value to your customers.

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