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Good Practices, Great Ideas, Practically Proven Concepts

Machines, Code, People

50 things Zühlke engineers are passionate about.

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Zühlke develops financially successful products, services and business models for today’s digital world – all the way from the initial creation of an idea to its implementation and operation.

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Amazing Book!!

The collection “Machines, Code, People” is a wonderful summary of what I have often experienced myself and what is really important in everyday project work. People, Code, and machines together build a solution. Knowing the technologies is crucial. And to bring about real innovation, it is equally important to have the right people on board, to build up a great team and to really understand the needs of the customer.

— Nicolas Durville CEO

Peter Gfader

Passionate Writer and Blog Author

This impressive collection was created as a joint effort within the Zühlke Group across all areas and it makes me extremely proud that so many authors have contributed so actively and with so much passion.

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