Keynote: INTENT-BASED LEADERSHIP – David L. Marquet

Highlight from #pmf19 – Product Management Festival 2019

Leadership = Believing that everyone has an inner superhero and creating the environment for releasing it.

Don’t play it safe.

Framework from David

How do you handle tough situations?
The Oscar disaster

Example: Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty present the award for best picture – Oscars 2017

Tips for good questions

Avoid binary questions.
Start questions with WHAT or HOW.

Avoid self-affirming questions.
Instead invite disproof.
Avoid an assumption of knowing. questions.
Instead try curiosity.

How clear is the goal? Transparency

Ladder of Leadership

Importance of the team

There is no they on Santa Fe!

Old vs New Playbook

Thanks David!
Great to see that David is also a collector of great questions.

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