Product Mangement Festival: How to achieve outcome thinking with impact mapping. Tim Herbig

Highlight from #pmf19 – Product Management Festival 2019

Being a huge fan and user of Impact Mapping in various scenarios, I enjoyed the 2 changes that Tim proposed to the standard approach, although they can be misleading to practitioners.
More on that below.

Definition of terms by Tim

The 2 changes

1.”Impact” is the “Why” and “Outcome” is the “How”.

2. Additional level “WHETHER” for experiments. Although I would argue that the “WHAT” was always meant to be run as an experiment. It’s a mindmap after all.

The 2 changes visualized

The new level “Whether”

Tim had only 2 use cases for Impact Mapping πŸ™‚

Thanks Tim. Nice to meet you. Tim on Twitter.

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