Product Mangement Festival: “Scaling product management skills” Scott Eblen from Twitter

Highlight from #pmf19 – Product Management Festival 2019

Shift from left to right

Don’t take decisions. Define criteria for decisions.

Don’t be a Tech Stakeholder -> Empower the team

From a rigid process –> Enable others and their instinct.


Sit with the least understood discipline in the organisation. Coffee or lunch

Use the “Silent Meeting Manifesto” by Amazon

Silent Meetings first started at Amazon with Jeff Bezos. At some point in Amazon’s history Bezos declared that Powerpoint would not be allowed and “Narratives” (6-page long-form text documents) would be the main communication vehicle. Since nobody had time to read pre-reads, the document would be read silently during the meeting instead. And so Silent Meetings were born.

Self reflect
Use Personal Retros 🙂

Thanks Scott

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