The Thing About Autonomous Teams – Graham Paterson – CPO, Catapult

Highlight from #pmf19 – Product Management Festival 2019

Graham started off by saying:

“It is impossible for a company to win without autonomous product teams”

I agree 🙂

All Product value can be boiled down to

Understanding user’s problems * Solving those problems.
If you don’t have users yet, focus on that problem 1st 🙂

2 examples.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg was against ‘tagging’ friends in photos (at first)
  2. Larry Page inspired an engineer to create AdSense

Again 🙂

It’s a trust problem

How to achieve that?

Work with

  • Vision tells the company where you’re going
  • Strategy tells the company how you’ll achieve it
  • Principles tell people how to make decisions
  • Metrics tell the company what success immediately looks like
  • Visibility creates constant opportunities to realign
  • Support gives people the freedom to make mistakes
  • High expectations mean you’re aiming for the right things

“Autonomous teams will transform your business”

Thanks Graham!

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