Corona Virus and the impact on your work

Current Situation – March 2020

It’s hard! On a personal level, family, society, economy and in general for us humans.
Lots of us struggle these days, especially since a lot of companies’ current business model is not ready for remote work. PS: Most governments announced that people in almost every country should/must stay at home.

Instead of seeing the downside, ask yourself:

  • What opportunities do we have, that we didn’t have before?
  • How can we leverage our current company (employees and assets) to deal with this situation?
    Where is the bigger benefit for society in our organization?
  • How does this make us stronger as an organization?
    As a society? As humans in this world?

The impact on company meetings

If you have found a way to deal with the situation you might want to leverage the opportunities from this situation for the future.

Ask yourself:

  • Which meetings would you never run remotely, and now you do?
  • How can you make those meetings work?
  • How do you run meetings and workshops now?
  • How can you leverage this in a future where people are allowed to gather in physical rooms?
  • How can we descale our meetings to be more effective?

Our experience

Remote meetings are different and the internet is full of tips to make them work for you.
A great resource to learn about remote work is

What we found interesting for most companies:

  • Which meetings would you never run remotely and now you do?
    • Quarterly Company Strategy Meeting, Salary Negotiating meeting, Social Skills, and Team Trainings, 2nd in-person job interviews, Design Thinking workshops,…. are a few that come to our mind.
      These events can work online-only, they work very differently though.
    • Maybe more 1on1 video meetings are suddenly necessary to build up trust.
    • Maybe use the “Silent Meeting Manifesto” by Amazon

  • How can you make those meetings work?
    • The meetings above have a different touch if you run these remotely. Tackle the socializing problem with “remote liberating structures”, leave more time, connect with people, have clear rules, upfront agenda, … all the usual meeting tips apply.
  • Make everything a shared responsibility
    • Live note taking and collaboration over those notes –> “These are our notes” (not mine or yours)
    • Be crystal clear and transparent
      • Make your work visible
      • Make decisions visible and make the process of how you make decisions visible

  • How can you leverage this in a future where people are allowed to gather in physical rooms?
    • Reduce the number of meetings and think “remote meeting first”
    • Build up trust in your organization by focusing on different metrics and values.
      Everyone is a role model for behavior we want to see.
    • I would highly recommend keeping all the things above that make your remote meetings better.
    • For the rest… Experiment, Inspect and Adapt 😀

General Things that help remote only

  • Be Data-Driven
    • Collect data
    • Highlight what data is important to your organization