If 95% of all Startups Fail, Why Should Enterprises Behave Like a Startup?

Great question! via Roman

I think “enterprise projects” should behave more like a startup!
By behaving like a startup I mean:

  • Reduce risk and uncertainties
  • Validate hypotheses and learn
  • Prototype and get user feedback early
  • Find paying customers: That means in an enterprise –> deliver usable features that people ❤ (love)

Most of the big projects do these things in some sort.


What they don’t do usually is:

  • Pivot: 
    “Hey this is not what the user wants, maybe we change something”

  • Kill it 
    “We invested 10 million in this, let’s add 1 more million then we are ready” (The sunk cost fallacy)

“95% of startups fail”
Ok…. In my experience in an enterprise context, people tend to ride the dead horse too long. 

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Original blog post was posted on https://business-agility.tumblr.com/ on June 2016 here