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Some workshops we provide

  • Continuous Delivery Workshops
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Inspect and Adapt your practices
    • Shorten the Feedback Loop
  • Architecture Workshops
    • Working with Legacy Systems. An example here
    • Working in a greenfield – fresh start product.
  • Something crazier?
    • Spark a fire in your organization
      Provide a spark in your Team or your organization
    • PowerPoint Karaoke Evening for some fun
Aha Moments after a Developer Workshop


We are trained and experienced coaches that can work with teams or 1-on-1 settings.
A format that is popular these days is On-Demand Retrospective Facilitator.


  • What is Agile and does that matter to me as CEO?
  • Architecture in Agile
  • Product Discovery and Delivery workshop
  • Software Quality
  • Brown Bag Talks or Afternoon Talks for inspirations in your organization.
Successfull Class
Photo after successful training

Courses and Trainings

We offer the standard courses for Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Developer. Peter is a Professional Scrum Master Trainer.

  • PSPO Professional Scrum Product Owner
  • PSD Professional Scrum Developer
  • PSM Professional Scrum Master

For developers, we offer additional courses like Clean Code, Refactoring, TDD, Database Management, Testing, DevOps, Legacy System Development.

Target audience

For C-Level Management, we have leadership trainings and an introduction to agility and measurements for an organization.

Senior Management
Senior Management Workshop

Public Trainings

We also offer public classes. Find here some short impressions of a training in Zurich.


We suggest starting with customized in-house training and coach your organization through a period of time. From these courses and our experience we usually make an offer with impact and a price tag below.

Check out the references for an impression of our work.

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