What Problem Do You Solve?

Depending what you do, there is usually a bigger problem to solve.
Think of your users? Of your sponsor? Of the people that pay for whatever you are doing? How can you make their life better?

Once you discovered a bigger problem

  • How do you communicate that bigger problem?
  • How much freedom give to your teams? How do you empower them to solve the problem?
  • How much context do your people need to be effective?
  • How do teams deal with decisions and consequences?

Which problem do you actually solve for their users?

Disruption is a much-used buzzword that traditional companies in particular fear. A disruptive innovation can replace an established business model and thus make entire markets disappear. But if you’re adaptable and keep abreast of innovations within the industry, you don’t need to be afraid of your own company. We call this Business Agility or Strategic Agility.

Business Agility or Strategic Agility

Strategic Agility: How quick can an organisation improve its competitive position & create opportunities for growth.

How can we help with Strategic Agility?