Psychological Safety – Steve Tauber

Highlight from #pmf19 – Product Management Festival 2019

“How Interpersonal Risk Will Push Your Organization To The Next Level”

Steve mentioned 1-on-1s as a very important exchange.
I don’t know… To me this is also smelly… What hinders us to discuss things openly in the team?
Yes, I understand that there are certain things that need to be discussed in private.

1-on-1s Suggestions

3 topics

Trust VS Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety is bigger than trust.

Trust VS Psychological Safety
Trust VS Psychological Safety

Run Surveys

Survey Examples:

Great tip: Gitlab Live Stream Video Incident Hotfix
–> How transparent are you?

Tip: anxiety party


Tip: story exchange

Story exchange: Build empathy

Have a communication manual

What does the period mean?
How am I doing things
How do I like things. What makes me unique.

Thanks Steve Tauber.

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